Dr. Jan Johnson-Smith

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Dr Jan Johnson-Smith is an author, a former Senior University Lecturer and HE Academic Leader. She has taught at Suffolk, Bournemouth and Sheffield Hallam Universities, served as the chief external university examiner at Chichester and was appointed to the TEF subject pilot panel. She has developed a variety of FD, BA and MA degree programmes with several HE establishments, including the Open University and the Sheffield College, and has organised conferences, student/staff pastoral care, research and development.

She taught on variety of film, tv and drama programmes, English language/literature and Access to Education courses in both the UK and USA and has supervised MA and PhD students in the broader media-based arts. She acts as an adviser and reviewer for a number of academic publishers.

Her PhD explores the potential of SF and fantasy tv narratives, exo- and neo-linguistics and sfx, using Babylon 5 as a case study. This study evolved into a book on American Science Fiction Television which examines the history of the genre and offers case studies on programmes including: Farscape; Space: Above and Beyond and Stargate: SG-1. She has also contributed material to several anthologies and journals.

Her interests also include the role of mise-en-scène and representations of the frontier in American art and media. Currently, she is researching the history of submarines in film, exploring Scandinavian film and tv, notably crime drama, and is learning Swedish. Or trying to, at least.

She is available as an independent adviser/tutor/researcher and welcomes new opportunities and research.

You can contact her via janjohnsonsmith@gmail.com
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